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New Headers In Rotation

Random Unrelated Image: Hillbilly Vibrator (possibly NSFW)

I have been clamoring for a new blog design for quite some time now, but every time I get right to the point of no return, I back out. I have been with this current design going on two years now, and it is starting to get a little stale. I began working on a custom design, and fired off an email to my good buddy Canucklehead to ask him if he could help me out with a good tagline that would appear in the header.

He asked me why I was changing it, and I told him, and he convinced me that it probably wasn’t a good idea.

But I have to do something, I thought. It just the same ol’, same ol’, day in and day out.

He proceeded to send me a couple of taglines anyway, and I thought of an idea. Why not use the same header image with rotating taglines? I requested a few more taglines from him, and well, he did not disappoint, as I knew he wouldn’t. He has a knack for this kind of shit.

Anyway, if you scroll back up to the top of the page, and hit the refresh button on your browser, you will notice that the tag line changes with each refresh. Pretty fuckin’ cool, eh?

These are the current taglines in rotation:

  • Putting the ‘ill’ in hillbilly.
  • This blog runs on moonshine.
  • Red neck, White lies, Blue collar.
  • Coal mining and moon shining!
  • Making Molehills out of Mountaineers since 1979.
  • West Virginia: One Big Happy Family … Literally!

And of course the classic one that has been up there for a while: If you have ever stopped by my house, you came on purpose, because I live on the way to nowhere.

Now that is a great start, but I need some more. So if any of you are feeling creative today, just leave a little tagline in the comments section, and if I like it, I will put it into rotation, and you will get a link to your blog in my footer. Such as Canucklehead has.

So get to it. Come up with a good HillBilly / Hick / Redneck / West Virginia tagline. Let’s see what ya got.