How To Get A Free Mouse Replacement From Microsoft

All you have to do is fax them the following: (716-447-7330)
Fax Cover Sheet:
1) To: Microsoft Supplemental Parts
2) your first & last name
3) address
4) telephone number
5) email address
6) photocopy of the bottom of your mouse, with a setting clear and light enough to show the Product ID information on the mouse.

You often get a better Mouse than the one you “lost”. The very first “Intellimouse” wheel mice had a lifetime warranty (recent one have a shorter warranty). I sent in an original Intellimouse and got back a new optical model.

Somewhere on the Microsoft site is a page that lists the warranty duration for their hardware.

Incidentally, if you are curious how old your Microsoft rodent is, on the label,there is a manufacturing date code on the bottom label. Look near the Product ID for a 4 digit #, often in different looking print, like 0205 or 4201. The last two digits are the year and the first two are the week, so 42nd week of 2001 for the latter date code.

(That happens to be the date code on the Intellimouse I am using now. I bought 24 of them for work for $2.00 each about 3 years ago and am still working through the pile.)

Update: All you need to do now is call 1-(800)-360-7561 and speak with someone about replacing your mouse. Tell them that your intellimouse is broken, and give them the PID of it. They will send you a new one, as in the new 3.0 intellimouse, no questions asked. It worked for me! I got my new intellimouse via UPS 2 days after I called. 

Mouse Replacement From Microsoft


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  • Dave says:

    That is good information, I have some old mice that are not working that I’ll have to try this with.

  • In the US only, i presume… ❓

  • Christoph says:

    i dont think, the 4-digit code near the pid is any kind of manufacturing date ….
    my intelliExplorer 4.0 is about 3 years old and that datecode says “0408” …

    so long – back to the future …

  • Greg says:

    this didn’t work for me (number didn’t go throug) but i did however manage to find the number to call. 1-(800)-360-7561

    It was fairly easy to get the replacement and i didn’t have to hassle with the sending of the picture though a fax. Asked for the PID and four digit number next to it. Said i will get hte replacement within 3-5 days (wich is great cause i had a dell mouse which is horible)

  • Bucky says:

    Thanks for the update. :mrgreen:

  • atomicrabbit says:

    will this work for only intellimouse? I was able to get a replacement for a wireless notebook mouse, but was wondering if it would work for nicer mice like the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000…

  • Bucky says:

    will this work for only intellimouse? I was able to get a replacement for a wireless notebook mouse, but was wondering if it would work for nicer mice like the Wireless Laser Mouse 8000…

    I’m really not sure about that… ❓

  • atomicrabbit says:

    just tried it with my broken wireless entertainment desktop 7000 and i’m getting a replacement in 3-5 days… so to answer my own question, yes, it does work with new products

  • jerry says:

    Hey Bucky, did they tell you what product they will replace it with or did you just happen to get the one you wanted?

  • Bucky says:

    I just happened to get the newest one. 🙂

  • jerry says:

    oh thats cool, same thing happened here, i kept having trouble with my desktop wireless elite or whatever it is, and they said that they are sending me a new wireless laser desktop 6000, i hope i get it soon.

  • Idetrorce says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  • Kimberly says:

    I have a Microsoft wireless presenter 8000 mouse and I called the number you provided. Sure thing, it had a replacement warranty and my new one is on the way!! Thanks for the help!!

  • Alan says:

    I came across this post today. My Wireless Intellimouse Explorer battery cover broke and the mouse has also only been intermittently working recently. Just so anyone who comes across this knows, the Microsoft # in the post [(800)360-7561] is still the proper number. I called and had no problems getting my mouse replacement ordered free of charge :). The customer service rep told me the mouse was on back-order and it will take 2-4 weeks to be stocked and then 7-10 B.Days to ship. Thanks to the OP for the info.

  • good guy says:

    Hey Bucky,
    You are DA MAN!
    This mouse for free thing works every time.

  • M3 says:

    I just ordered replacement for my Wireless Dsktop 6000 and it worked just fine but they did tell me that it has 3 year warranty so had I waited another few months I would not get the replacement

  • Danny says:

    I bought a brand new Intellimouse Explorer way back in 2000 (I think) and I know the box said that it came with a lifetime warranty. It broke several years later but when I called Microsoft, they said they would not replace it because they only came with a much shorter warranty. I then called back and told them that I bought it only about a year ago and they sent me a newer mouse in the mail. I’ve been doing this every time that each of their replacement mice wear out (they don’t seem to last very long). I’ve since been told by customer service that the warranty for the replacement mice that I have been receiving is only two years. I’d like to think that Microsoft will be giving me new mice for the rest of my life!

  • Exceptional page. My family and I were just discussing this the other evening. Also your page looks nice on my old laptop. Now thats uncommon. Keep it up.

  • Mirza says:

    i am Mirza please replace my mouse intelli 3.0 pls

  • I. Henry Koh says:

    I have bought Microsoft Wireless Mouse from Staples in Havertown, PA on 11/1/11 and it has stopped working about a month ago or more. I went to Staples but they said I should write Microsoft for warranty. Please respond. I have receipts. The Unit is MS Wireless 3500 R and costed 29.99 plus tax. Thank you,

  • LP says:

    I just tried it and it didn’t work. Phone # is still good but they want proof of purchase and told me they do not even make or have this mouse anymore. I just hung up. I will recheck the warranty on this mouse. My mouse is now 14 years old

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