10 things we learned this week.


The standard German pronunciation of Dr. Seuss’s name is “zoice” (like “voice”). (BBC)

Men and women can recall more than 70 per cent of emotional words like love, kiss and passion after they’ve been spoken into their left ear, but only 58 per cent with the right.

Women over 50 with a long history of migraines do better on memory tests than women of the same age with no such history. (aan.com/press)

“Divorce reduces a person’s wealth by about three-quarters (77 per cent) compared to that of a single person… And people who get divorced see their wealth begin to drop long before the decree becomes final.”

A person with an IQ of 101 earns $202 to $616 more per year than someone with an IQ of 100. However, IQ has no impact on actual wealth, i.e. the difference between a person’s assets and their debts.
(tinyurl.com/3363ys)the more you know

It is possible to make a cellphone call from the summit of Mount Everest (it is now in sight of a Chinese base station). Rod Baber is attempting to become the first person to do so. His expedition is being sponsored by Motorola.

It takes more brainpower to spell an irregular word like “yacht” than a phonetic word like “blink.”

Thursday is Martin Z. Mollusk Day. Similar to Groundhog Day, it involves placing a hermit crab on a beach and checking to see if it casts a shadow. If the crab sees its shadow, summer will supposedly arrive one week early.

When crabs are stressed, their legs and claws fall off.

“Hermit” crabs travel in packs of up to a hundred.

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One of my favorite musicians of all time

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Prince, playing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Tom Petty and Jeff Lynn. They are playing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” before the induction of George Harrison.

Prince is without a doubt one of the greatest guitar players of all time. Unfortunately for him, I don’t think most people even realize that he plays.

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Become proactive in social situations.

People need to become more proactive in social situations and stop worrying so much about hurting someone’s feelings. I’ll explain a little bit about what I am talking about.

I was sitting at my office desk the other day and I blew my nose. (Love those Puffs!) A couple of hours afterward, I got up and went to the bathroom to pee. Along the way I passed several people and of course had to stop and chat for a bit. Upon arrival at the bathroom, I looked into the mirror and saw a string of snot that had dried to a crust upon my nose. Part of it was still going up into my nostril like an earthworm trying to escape the wrath of a hungry Robin.

From the time that I had blew my nose till the time I went to the bathroom I had came into contact with several people. WHY DIDN’T ANYONE TELL ME THAT THERE WAS A CRUSTY BOOGER ON MY NOSE? Were you afraid of offending me?…well don’t be. Each person that didn’t tell me allowed me to be seen by another person that probably had a good laugh after I walked on by.

Listen up everyone, if someone needs to know something, TELL THEM! I do!

Case in point, one of the employees at my work couldn’t have showered more than once every couple of weeks. He didn’t use deodorant either. The job he does causes him to sweat, so the stench that radiated from his armpits was quite unbearable at times. Everyone used to laugh and steer clear when he came around. The poor fella had to have felt like an outcast. It made me sick to my stomach that no one would take the initiative to tell him that he needed to take a bath more often, and use deodorant. I decided I had enough and told him one day. I wasn’t being offensive or embarrassing, just simply telling him the truth. He told me thanks, and that he wasn’t aware that it was bothering people so much. He was hurting the productivity of the company even though he wasn’t aware of it. The time wasted when people stood around to talk about him was beginning to add up. This fella hasn’t came to work stinky since our conversation about 6 months ago. No one knows about it but him, I, and now the blogosphere.

Here are a few pointers I would like to give everyone:

  1. If someone is acting like an asshole, tell them.
  2. If someone has a booger hanging out of there nose, tell them.
  3. If someone has food in between their teeth, tell them.
  4. If someone stinks, literally or figuratively, tell them.
  5. If someone gossips too much, tell them.

You get the idea…there are a lot more than 5 I could list here. If you become proactive, there is a good chance that you will get a thank you, and the person will respect you more. Except for that asshole guy…he will probably get pissed and not talk to you for a month or two…and that makes it even better!

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